Biases are taught; machines learn them.
More and more power, influence and credibility is being given to machines, and they are being used in a growing number of applications. What they see influences what they say. As we give machines the gift of sight we must pay attention to how they see, how they are being taught, how much power they have, and over whom they have power.
Featured in Slippages: AI as Creative Practice, June 2019.

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when i see you smile

A fabricated mouth smiles and frowns, mimicking the level of joy it detects in the faces it sees. Collaborative work with Ella Hansen using a joy-detection neural network, cast foam, servo motors and 3D printed mount.
Featured in Slippages: AI as Creative Practice, June 2019.

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Generative animations exploring motion and interaction of elements.

hack the mainframe

Webtoy: a server that serves you the server code for editing, allowing exploitative access to the system.

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Animation created by databending a photo of my childhood home.
A reflection on memories and how they fade.

linux / kernel

Artist's book.
Comments extracted programmatically from the linux kernel source code, forming strange and interesting narratives. The cover is made from the circuit board of a mechanical keyboard from the 1970s. The typeface, 3270font, is modelled after the font used on IBM 3270 green-screen terminals (also from the '70s). Full transcript and more images here.

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text drawing

Abstract art generator driven by text you enter.

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